In the Studio with Veronika Speigl-James by Emma Morton

Veronika Speigl-James, Photographer Retoucher

Veronika Speigl-James, Photographer Retoucher

Veronika Speigl-James is a skilled and experienced freelance photographer-retoucher from Regensburg in Germany. She has worked with 3Objectives Director, Paul Downes at other photographic and media companies, and has freelanced on and off with 3Objectives since the formation of the company (8 years ago!). Veronika is a well regarded and trusted member of the team and her husband, Adam created the 3Objectives company logo! Due to her experience she has many stories to tell, so check out her answers below!

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Veronika Speil-James, Photographer

-Who is your inspiration?
I’m inspired by getting lost in London or alternatively, getting out of London. Anything that gets me to look at things afresh triggers my brain into new projects and ideas.

-What is your favourite piece of equipment?
My favourite piece of equipment is a plastic diffuser on top of my flash that makes me look like a lightbulb. It’s the best diffuser I’ve had on a portable flash and always makes events more fun to shoot, as it makes people curious what it could be.

-What made you choose your profession?
I started photography at a very young age and it was always what I wanted to do. It’s definitely not the easiest career path but I’m really happy I stuck with it, as I still wouldn’t want to do anything else more than take pictures for a living.

-Equipment you can't live without?
I’d be lost without my contact lenses. I’m really short sighted which seems a bit ironic for a photographer but they probably make my sight more accurate than a person without sight problems would have.

-What are your achievements?
I’ve been in a few exhibitions over the years, including a couple of solo ones. The last one I was in I couldn’t be at as I had just given birth 3 days before but it was fun to see my pictures exhibited while I was off work. Another thing I loved was getting a commission I'd normally incorporate in a personal project. I had to take nights shots of office buildings. It was the ideal mix of architecture and people as you get little insights into work life and how structures and people work together. One of my solo shows was in connection with Green Open Homes and also gave me that mix of photography which I love: Architecture and people.

-What's the first album you bought?
The first album I bought (on tape!) was Bob Marley / Legend. 

-If you were the Mayor of London for the day what would you change?
If I was the Mayor of London for a day I would arrange plans for more swimmingpools and lidos with a proper space around them to chill out and have fun. Lots of kids and youths would have something else to do. There'd be plenty of pool space without lanes and slow medium and fast lanes would become a thing of the past. People could just use their courtesy and own brain to get (or swim) along in the pool.

-What is your favourite country visited?
Favourite country I’ve visited, tough one! There are so many bits in different countries I love, so it’s difficult to pick one favourite. It probably has to be Ecuador. It was the first South American country I'd visited and I learnt to speak Spanish there. I love the geographical variety you get in a relatively small country, the food is great too snd I haven't even been to the cloud forest or the coast yet.

-What books, blogs or podcasts do you read or listen to?
At the moment I'm reading Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat, nicely written mix of someone's career path and the chemistry of food, great illustrations too.

-What do you do in your spare time?
In my spare time I experiment with food, often incorporating fermentation. When I have time for a trip I usually go somewhere based on a starting point to do with food, music or art. Recently I went to a Chinese restaurant near city airport. The food was amazing and the view was water, rowing boats and planes. Years ago I went to Portishead just to see where the inspiration for the music of the band came from. Made complete sense, all there was was a muddy beach and a couple of lone shops that were shut. Perfectly and great location to listen to the album to.

-If you were marooned on a desert island what 3 people (dead or alive) would you choose to be there with you and why?
If I was marooned on a desert island, I’d choose my husband and two kids to be there with me. We’re already used to sharing a smallish space and spend every day together so any challenges thrown at us would be easier to handle and for the nice moments we love a holiday together so we’d be sorted there too.